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"Embracing My Desires: A Midnight Swim in Vegas"

After a full day and the heat of the Vegas streets being over 116 degrees, I knew I needed a dip in the pool. I finally had the house to myself, no kids, no husband, no nothing. The excitement driving home had my lower body pulsating as I felt sweat twinkling between my thighs on my leather seats of my Mercedes Benz. Now I’ve heard these crazy rumors that after 50 your sex drive fades; well, I guess my body missed that memo because I get hornier then ever now.

Now as you are reading this blog, I know y’all are saying Nyomi hold up I thought you were

all spiritual and stuff. Yea I’m spiritual but I am not dead. I’m a very spiritual and sexual being who body urges for intimacy and sex just like any other adult with a pulse. So, as I’m driving down the 95. I’m imaging the pools lights on as the waterfalls running down creating a beautiful sound that gives off the sexiest vibes. I’m wondering what swimsuit will be accompanying me on the nighttime solo swim. Should it be my sexy black and white or maybe that vibrant green. Whichever one it is I want it to compliment my skin as the pool lights and fire pits flames reflection dancing on my curvaceous body.

As I pull up to the house, I see the porch lights on, and I see through the windows the hall light upstairs is on. I pull into the driveway and into the garage. Turn the alarm off and proceed into the house. I’m so happy that I did a complete cleansing of the house the smell of lavender and amber hits me as soon as I enter my home. Before I walk up the stairs to my room, I grab my phone from my purse and go to my pool app and turn on the pool lights and waterfall. I go outside and light the 3 fire pits that tower above the pool. I look around my beautiful backyard and a sense of gratitude comes over me. A gentle smile comes across my face as I head over to the pergola to turn on the music. Yes, I’m setting the mood for me to have the most intimate and sexy solo swim session.

I now return back into the house and go upstairs to my bedroom. I’m preparing for a quick shower to wash off the musk and energy from my day out. As I step my foot into the shower the sensation of the hot water hits my back as the water runs down my buttocks and down my lovely lady parts begin to pulsate yet again. I grab my favorite lavender soap and begin to caress my breast, before I knew it, I begin to get aroused in a way that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Was it the fact that I knew I had the house to myself or was it one of those odd symptoms of my pre-menopausal syndrome. Either way I was loving it. So, I continued to wash my body as I found myself rubbing my thighs and rubbing between my legs! I knew I had to get to the pool to swim this sensation off of me, that I had to calm the needed urge to please myself. I wanted to wait until later that night. But it just kept calling me. But I stayed strong.

So, I rinsed myself off and stepped out the shower and air dried as I put on some vitamin E oil over my body. As I’m entering into my closet, I’m still trying to decide what swimsuit to put on. I grab the black and white and put it on, it just wasn’t giving what I needed. I then put on the green swimsuit, it also failed to give. You see I live by if I can’t turn myself on by looking in the mirror something’s up. Right? So, I continue to try on a few more swimsuits and bikinis not one was giving me what I needed. But once I stood in the mirror nude, I saw how the beautiful imperfections of my body, I saw how my left breast hung lower than my right, but how it glowed in the reflection of the mirror it looked so beautiful, so natural so sexy. My eyes went down to my stomach as I was in awe of what had been held in that very place. It held 3 beautiful, gorgeous human beings. My eyes then went down to my hips, and I knew how special those hips were to me, those saddles bags not only gave me a badge of honor of birthing and carrying another human being, but it gave my man something to grab on when he’s hitting it from the back.

I gentle caressed my body from head to toe, truly in awe of how beautiful and sexy my body is looking. I remembered I was all alone and if I was really bold and about that life lol. I would just go nude. Shit’ this my house, no one’s here. The last time I skinny dipped was last year this same time. When will there be another time that I will have the house to myself where I can roam my house naked? So, I finished oiling the rest of my body and gathered my cute flip flops and grabbed a towel from the hall closet and strolled my naked self-down the stairs. But before I went outside, I had to grab a bottle of red wine from my bar and a glass.

As I open the sliding doors to the backyard overlooking my beautiful oasis as I saw my shadow on the wall it was the sexiest silhouette I’ve ever seen. I was so caught up in the vibe of it all I forgot about my neighbors. Even though my side walls and back walls are tall, there is no way that the neighbors couldn’t see my 5’9 1/2 curvaceous silhouette from their backyard. But that still wasn’t going to stop my solo swim session. I turned the music up louder as I was blasting one of my favorite songs by Jon b “They don’t know me” as I’m swaying my hips with my glass of wine in my hand, I was turned on by watching my silhouette dancing on this tall wall. Before I knew it, I felt juices flowing down my thighs, yet I haven’t gotten into the pool. I knew this was going to be an amazing solo swim session, but I didn’t know it was going to be like this….

Ok my beautiful sexy people I’m going to leave you right there! Yesssss a cliff hanger remember we got all summer! Before this series ends, I’m coming back to finish this story you just have to keep on the watch out on how this summer swim nights ends. Until the next blog or maybe not.

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27 jun

Better than nothing …

Well , it’s been ages since you got into something aroused emotions and feelings like that , honestly , I didn’t expect this coming I feel really attacked in all the good ways , and honestly , I’ve read it more than once ,tho, expanding the  photos of yours attached to it with a big O! my fuck !!! getting out of my mouth –I really want to express my admiration to your selection of photos – they are glowing details of you driving me to a hell of a fantasy that would last with me for a while and I was really in a bad need for that. Like old days , when there was…

Me gusta

26 jun

Purrrrrrrrr…..this was 🔥🔥🔥

Me gusta
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